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If you can't make the calls live, you can ask questions on our private forum. Cate will then address your questions on the next live call, or get back to you on the forum.

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March 29 - 10:00am PT: Easing In: Week 1

How does this work?

April 5 - 2:00pm PT: Going In Deep : Week 2

Our next live detox goes live on March 29.  After you register, you'll be on our list. A week before the official start date, we'll send you a Get Ready workshop. Then, we'll go live on the teleconference on March 29. You'll watch a quick webinar between our live calls, and chime in on our forum.

April 12 - 10:00am PT: Graceful Emerging: Week 3

April 19 - 2:00pm PT: Post -Yogidetox Party Call

4 Live Calls with Cate

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Week 3: Emerging from your Detox

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For those who regularly eat a whole foods diet, the cleanse might incorporate more living foods. Living foods are not heated above 115 degrees, the temperature at which enzymes die. An example of a living foods daily menu might include a green smoothie for breakfast, a salad at lunch, and a raw soup for dinner. A living foods diet incorporates leafy greens or straight chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is what makes leafy greens green and provides healthy oxygenation and detoxification.

The Yogidetox for those already eating a living foods diet would include a juice fast for 7-14 days. Juice fasts help bodies to refine and adjust to the next season. For example, transitioning from fall into winter.

Many of us incorporate a mix of foods in our diets and so the cleanse will reflect that. For all of us, the cleanse is a time to refine or refresh our kitchens, our kitchen practices or sadhana, and our routines around our food body.

It depends. The Yogidetox is not only about food, it’s much more about awakening your intuition to evolve your food body. For someone who is currently eating processed foods, the Yogidetox will be a transition from processed foods (foods in boxes, cartons, frozen, or canned) to meals including whole foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, sprouts and whole cooked grains.

What is on the Menu?

What will I eat?

Watch this short video on how to use this kit.

A stainless steel tongue scraper

Fire Starter Herbal Formula (to aid burning digestive toxins)

Downward Flow Herbal Formula (to aid elimination)

3 oz. bottle oil (for you to refill and keep for self-massage)

What is in the Yogidetox Kit? ( Only $45)

Pukka teas for detox

Sinus Lube – Nasya drops for clearing your sinus channels

The full range of beginning yoga students through advanced yoga teachers are all welcome. I will lead you deeper into your intuition, your body, and your kitchen. We have a powerful experience. We have power in numbers. You become part of a movement engaged in thrive.

Who is the Yogidetox best suited for?

What is in the Yogidetox Booklets?

(Welcome Booklet, Recipe Booklet, Choose your Detox Booklet )

Receive a beautiful, colorful booklet to guide your cleanse via email.

Full of Cleanse Recipes, juices, elixirs, superfoods, salads, soups, and teas!

Self-Care Guides

Guidelines for your Ayurvedic Bodytype.

Daily Rituals of Cleansing

Troubleshooting Guide

All include:

The Yogidetox attunes you to seasonal eating so as you emerge, you crave that which is seasonal, local, and good for your constitution. You peel the layers (physical, mental, emotional) away and awaken to more vitality on all levels. The desire to keep your body clear and open is natural.

The Yogidetox focuses on adding in nutrients, enzymes and prana through green vegetables, fruits, sprouts, spices,  nuts and seeds primarily. Some people will also use grains and legumes. Your intuition will become awakened through the course focus steering you towards these foods in the right quantity and diversity for your constitution.

What foods does the cleanse focus on or eliminate?

The Yogidetox is unique to each member, depending on your experience and your goals. The course awakens the part of yourself that knows better (smart self or higher self). You naturally end up eliminating that which is no longer serving you or keeping you stuck in old patterns. Frequently, connections are made between mental patterns, emotional patterns and cravings.

Do I need a juicer to participate?

Will the foods during the cleanse cost a lot of money?

Most people save money during the YOGIDETOX, because the cost of whole foods is generally less than that of pre-packaged foods. Those choosing the juice fast may spend considerably more, due to the large quantities of fresh vegetables required. You can get everything locally, with an option to mail order some herbs for me. I also encourage harvesting wild foods including unsprayed dandelion greens. I generally consume free local greens when I cleanse.

You don't need any special equipment to have a terrific Yogidetox.

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Do you supply the recipes?

Yes. There are three recipe packets: pre-cleanse recipes, deep cleanse recipes, and recipes for emerging from the cleanse. These packets offer plenty of options, ideas, and choices. I recommend that you use only a few of the recipes and simplify your food choices during the cleanse. Please experiment and create new recipes using your own combinations of the cleanse foods.

In addition to mindful and intuitive eating, the cleanse involves taking retreat in your home and in your daily life. Many people wish they could stop working or have fewer of their normal responsibilities during the cleanse. The Yogidetox views our daily lives and work lives as gifts. Learning to retreat within the busy-ness of life and the change of seasons will instill a life-changing upgrade for the season to come and your entire lifetime! This is achieved through incorporating daily self-care techniques that detoxify the body and nourish and nurture the soul. These skills will last and enhance for a lifetime.

What else is the cleanse about if it’s not just about food?

Is this a one-size-fits-all experience?

What can I expect to eat on the typical day?


Since 2002 I have guided thousands of people through the Yogidetox. Each year I find more simple, gentle and easeful ways to help Yogidetox members flow into deeper alignment. We release old patterns. We release excess weight if it's there. Really, it's quite a simple and deeply nourishing experience.

Of course if you're a glutton for punishment, you can always join us to re-enact that pattern one final time. We'll cure you of it.

I  There is no right or wrong way to do this cleanse. I encourage you to follow your intuition and point your awareness into self-care and nourishing practices that will enhance and support the food aspect of the cleanse. Your natural desire to choose the right foods and recipes will develop as you enter the cleanse. Also, rely on the support of weekly calls, the online forum, and assistance from myself and the Yogidetox mentors. The main purpose of this cleanse is to simply awaken your intuition regarding self-care, food, and daily routines so that you can raise the consciousness of the cells of your body to the next level of your potential.

The cleanse is different for each person. Some will do a mix of juicing and fasting. Others will eat a simple whole foods diet of green, root, and shoot salads, nori wraps, smoothies, and teas.

Is it difficult to cleanse?

Not at all! You'll be guided into an individualized, intuitive experience as you design and follow through on the detox that fits your body, your schedule, and your relationships... right now!

What are some of the other benefits members typically experience?

What I hear the most is, Everything gets better! This is due to the systemic nature of toxins (ama) that creates dis-ease, low energy, and innerbody confusion/stress. The anti-inflammatory nature of the Yogidetox coupled with the lymphatic cleansing clears out joint pain and mucus. For those who cleanse 10-15 days your skin and eyes will tend to clear and glow.

Many! Increased energy, better sleep, stress reduction, lifelong self-care practices, and more! The most common feedback I receive from past Yogidetox clients is a higher level of understanding of how to take care of and heal their own bodies in ways they can share with their families and loved ones. These are skills that they will use for the rest of their lives. These fundamental practices are part of the traditional Ayurvedic routine or dinacharya. We take time during the cleanse to learn these practices and they simply become a part of daily life.

What are the long-term benefits?

What makes the Yogidetox stand apart?

The mix of Ayurveda, Living Foods, Anusara Yoga, and an evolving health potential philosophy.

You have access to an online forum to ask the Yogidetox Mentors a question at any time and connect to other cleansers.

Guidance for your kitchen, harvesting wild foods, growing your own foods, sprouting, and changing the way you and your family eat.

5 Anusara Yoga sessions (live stream and recorded for your convenience) which integrate the best of Ayurvedic Teachings as themes in Anusara Yoga classes. All levels… beginner’s welcome.

A tight-knit online community of friendly cleansers and Yogidetox Mentors to brainstorm solutions, trade advice and experience. No matter what’s got you stuck, the community and I to help you move beyond old patterns.

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