Reboot your life. Detox your cells. Reset your rhythm.

THE SIMPLE DETOXAre you ready for a real change?

Tired, stressed, overwhelmed, overweight?

Want to feel good?  Reset. Relaxed. Focused. Ready with forward momentum. 

Take your power and your body wisdom back. Do you want to lighter, focused, rested, energetic, smarter, happier, perhaps even occasionally joyful, more relaxed, less anxious, less cranky, less dense, less lethargic? 

Then, I'm glad you stopped by.

I drew some pictures to show you how I go about this in leading
The Simple Detox by Yogidetox.
 I'm Cate. The Yogahealer. 

This page tells the story of how we are solving an epidemic level health issue with simple, straightforward solutions
Enjoy. And I hope it's useful to you.


What is detox?

A detox is a process that is best done at the change of seasons to allow the body and mind to release. What is released? You could think of toxins as undigested food and undigested emotions and unprocessed sensory stimulation. I think of toxins as anything that is in the body or mind that blocks a higher level of natural efficiency and communication. Detox is a process that accelerates digestion, cellularly and subtly, of toxins. The result is the feeling of being relieved of a burden and refreshed on your focus forward, with the habits to maintain your positive momentum. 

Why Detox? And When?

When the seasons change, in the spring and fall, change is in the air. When your ride the winds of change, you have power at your back and under your wings. This is a big help when it comes to healing faster and developing new personal powers. You can get a lift. And, if you're experienced, you can soar to greater heights.

What if you ignore the turn of the tide that happens around the major change of seasons, from hot to cold or cold to hot? When you ignore the impulse to make a change, maybe even a big change, with the change of seasons, you lock in any imbalances or issues that were building in the last seasons. Over time, this doesn’t allow the body and mind to function with efficiency - as the past ways down the future. Detox is a time to reckon the past issues - and start afresh in the next season. This is a natural seasonal process and a core competency of the time-tested rituals of longevity from Ayurveda. 

Detox clears away the distraction, clarifies the vision for your life, and evolves your habits fast. The Simple Detox way guides you into the habits to build your momentum as you transition into your upgraded version of normal life. Smarter, and with the core competencies on how to detox. 

That is the power of detox, momentum, and the change of seasons. Detox is a positive stressor. Positive stressors are longevity habits. Detox is best done twice a year at the most obvious seasonal junctures - like wet to dry or warm to cold and vice versa. 

The question for you is... 

Because you on top of life is better for everyone. And, especially you.

 Introducing The Simple Detox

An affordable 21 day streamlined program designed to guide you to detox your body the easy, natural way.

Reboot your life. Detox your cells. 
Feel better every day.


Step one

Get your ticket for the Simple Detox. Once you're in, you'll get instant access to get your head in the game. So to speak. Remember, this is easy and fun.


Step two

Tell a friend  that you're doing this. It'll help you commit and have someone ask you about it later. Accountability is a lovely commodity to trade with friends.


Step three

Welcome!  We'll guide you to into the course community. You'll get access to that which you need to succeed. Loads of details below.


Get curious about how good you can feel in three short weeks. Be with the right people going in the right direction. Guided by Cate Stillman, since 2002.




Simple Detoxx

Are you curious how good you could feel?

Feel Good

Look good

Drop the pounds. Feel light. Clear your head. Wake up feeling good and ready for the day.

Detox your cells so you aren't carrying toxins. Look younger and healthier.

As a global community we do a great leap forward in April and October, every year.  You'll hydrate, rest, and rejuvenate. It's easy. It's effective. And you'll learn the detox skill for life. 

Join us, and you will guide your body into your natural rhythm. You'll release what is holding you down and holding you back. 

Open up Time

Space to Reflect

We'll get you focused, ambitious, and fulfilled on your next life goals.

Playing more. Enjoying core relationships more


Guiding People into Their Power since 2002.

Cate Stillman has led the Yogidetox twice annually since 2002. Her focus right now is teaching people how to go from health issues to feeling good. She will guide you through the habits that reverse chronic systemic inflammation... and get you back on top of life. 

She guides people to awaken their ability to heal their bodies by awakening their intelligence.  Her Yogidetox is a phenomenal global community experience. Not an info-product. A live in real time 21 days of guided transformation. Cate is a Global leader of Ayurveda.

Beginner's welcome. Experts too. No extra expenses or special things needed.

Cate is devoted to teaching people the free solutions to health issues. She saves her members thousands of dollars a year through helping them make smarter choices for their bodies. The return on investment is off the hook. Cate will guide you through the most basic detox skills. Her members return, year after year for the community experience. However, they also gain a re-creatable experience to repeat on their own, whenever needed.

Trained in Ayurvedic Medicine, Ayurvedic Detox, Yoga therapy and yoga philisophy and yoga detox therapy, Cate became one of the next generation innovate thoughtleaders escorting Ayurveda into the future through distilling the complex concepts into most simple, elegant, memorable experiences.

Cate dishes out powerful body wisdom. There is nothing else like it.




Reboot your life. Detox your cells. Reset your rhythm.

How it works:

We do this together. 

We're keeping it simple. 

You'll feel good fast.

Detoxing, no matter how simple, is always better together.

Until you're experienced, detoxing on your own is hard. Until you have built the detoxed lifestyle into your reality... it's harder, and less effective, to go it alone.

I've built community momentum from 20 years of leading the April and October Yogidetox. It's our big annual community event. Rather than wonder what it's like, come join us. There is a reason our members and course mentors keep coming back.ox. Join... and ride the wave of The Simple Diet.

My goal is to guide you into an experience where your body can release and remove internal junk that is better outside of you. 

You'll get a lifetime of how-to detox wisdom through a simple straightforward, guided journey into your 21-day detox. 

Our members return for the body wisdom, and because it gets them to do their damn spring cleanse already. Commitment builds momentum.

With each seasonal detox you should evolve. Your habits, your nutrition, your intuition, your vision, your body wisdom.

Feeling good is our natural state.

Coming home to feeling good is our goal, and our method.


You've probably heard the difference between positive stress and negative stress? Similar to positive and negative energy - you know what it is without thinking about it. Exercise, breathing exercises, fasting, setting goals, and pressuring yourself into smart sleeping patterns are positive stressors. They make you healthier and feel good.

Negative stressors - like overeating, sedentary living, worry ... make you unhealthier and feel bad.

What is a positive stressor, then?

Positive stressors are the key to success.

Positive stressors  - or eustress versus distress- motivate and focus energy, are short-term, feel exciting and improve performance.

Positive stressors are good for your long game, and in your short game, keep you on target. Doing hard things first. When you do the hard thing first - hydration, exercise, intermittent fasting, going to bed early enough so you wake early...  when you build your habits on positive stressors - the rest of life gets easier. Timing is everything. Choosing to live in alignment with time, through choosing positive stressors, creates longevity and exquisite ease with aging. Aging isn't designed to be painful. That is where detox fits in.

When you choose positive stressors regularly you refine your body and mind. Refined, you are more aware that there is an underlying rhythm that organizes time.  When you choose to do the hard things that organize yourself in time, you become both stronger and more relaxed, and focused.

Detoxing is a positive stressor. The time it's easiest to detox? The change of seasons. It's the easiest time to dump off what your body and mind don't want to keep from last season.  Detox becomes a seasonal habit. You enter the next season refreshed, with smarter habits and a renewed, refine sense of purpose. . That is why we detox together, as a global learning community,  live every April and October.


Get curious about how good you can feel in three short weeks. Be with the right people going in the right direction. Guided by Cate Stillman, since 2002.




We know you are busy. We know for you to feel better fast this better be easy, doable and enjoyable.

Here is what we know works for our members.















When Change is in the air

You can feel good much faster, or embed feeling much worse.

This is an ancient basic body wisdom concept. 

When seasons change in spring and fall a window opens. Appetite and digestion shift.  The body naturally prepares to release any imbalances from the prior season before the next stable weather pattern begins.

Spring and fall are always a bit unpredictable. The changing in the air affects us, cellularly. When we pay attention and heed the call to dump any accumulations from our cells... we are stoked we listened.

The body wisdom you will gain with each seasonal detox matures you as a human being and awakens you to the power of your sophisticated and subtle human technology.

If you are not in the habit, yet, of detoxing twice a year - in the spring and fall, you figure out pretty fast why you'll want that habit.

You have to do it to get it. Like most things worth "getting" in life.

We are designed for elegance in aging. Detox is a core positive stressor that reclaims your power.

The seasonal shifts - in the spring and fall - are opportunities for rapid lasting change. Once this window closes, whatever pattern is occurring becomes embedded into the next season. You don't want to live in your pajamas. Seasonal detox lets you choose your next outfit.. from the inside out. From your mindset to your vision to your nutrition to your fitness to your sleep habits.

Once you get the hang of it... you're stoked you built the habit.  You'll age much smarter, from the inside out.

From Experienced


“Through my detox with Cate, I have come to the realization that what I thought was a “midlife crisis “is really a “midlife awakening.” Thank you, Cate for supplying the tools and support in allowing me to strive for a higher level of consciousness.”

“My experience of the detox with Cate led to an amazing breakthrough. I began to sleep better and the flashes disappeared! I was completely blown away. I have dropped 8 pounds without any effort at all.”

Susan Mason, Yoga Teacher

Jackie Prete

'I have lost a total of 14 pounds so far and I have more so much more energy. I am starting to feel at home in my body, instead of fighting against it and putting it down. I am craving things that are good for my body.'

“This is the best cleanse ever! This morning I looked in the mirror and saw a different looking person. Bright, shiny eyes, clear skin, no puffiness around my face, and a very lean body. I love the way I feel!”

Amy Haysman

Cheryl Chaffee

Janeen + Joe

Mark Smith

What results do our members get?

New York


"When I found Cate I was tired. I was heavier. My husband was too. With the support and guidance of Cate's course... our lives have changed. We're feeling better than we have in years. We have energy, clarity and alignment in our lives again!"

"Cate guided me into better health than I've had in decades. I sleep better. The extra weight fell off. I have more energy, more focus, and more time."

Our Members' Stories

Jamie’s Detox Story

Wendy’s Detox Story

Karen’s Detox Story



AS OFFLINE or ONLINE as you Want

Via live sessions, video lessons, and emails - all of which are optional to engage with. Go as deep or just kick around on the surface. Our live sessions are scheduled every few days throughout the three-week journey. 

If you don't want to watch and learn a ton of stuff, the streamlined process requires very little information and simple streamlined action. If you want to learn a ton... it's there for you.



You are investing in a 3-month access pass. Most members keep going deeper into the process with the support of their online course access. 

Cate and the Yogidetox Mentor team and the experienced members show up each April and October for a collective breakthrough. 


What do I eat?
Cate will guide you into your own kitchen and local natural food store. You'll discover foods that fit your body's needs. We don't have a one size fits all approach. Rather, through the process, you'll eat a whole foods diet, that is intuitive to your body's needs during detox. 

Can I do this if I'm pregnant or nursing? 
If you are pregnant or nursing you can join us for good clean living for a few weeks and establish a rock-solid routine for nourishing life. You won't do the full extent of detoxing, but rather enjoy nourishment, rhythm, and rest. 

Or conversely, can I do this if I have a disease diagnosis?
Over the years many people with autoimmune disorders, cancer, heart disease, diabetes type 2,  digestive and eating disorders, mental health diseases, and other diseases have found this detox process immensely helpful in aligning their digestion and their habits for a healthier future. That said, you should talk to your doctor about your health care needs. 

Will I need to buy any equipment or special foods?
No. Cate is a big fan of use what you have. Cate will recommend certain tools and foods to help you along the way. Examples of what you will find useful are a thermos, a yoga mat, spices, and healthy whole foods. 


Get curious about how good you can feel in three short weeks. Be with the right people going in the right direction. Guided by Cate Stillman, since 2002.



Find out how good you can feel.

Reboot your life. Detox your cells. Reset your rhythm.

Sign up. Our Detox members never regret signing up.
You get access to the course for 3 months.  Turn the tide in your body and your life.

 We guide our members to success. 

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