Guest Speakers

Learn More About Cleansing

with These Amazing Guest Speakers:

With years of experience detoxing, doing yoga, practicing Ayurveda, and helping people with addiction these speakers present a wealth of information you can tap into to make your cleanse deeper than it ever has been before.  Whether you are struggling with stress, want to make your cleanse a family affair, or are interested in a more traditional Ayurvedic detox these speakers have you coveed.

Valya Boetenko
Valya Boetenko:
Kids & Teens who Detox
Carol Look
Carol Look:
Using tapping (EFT) to release addiction and stress during detox
Desiree Rumbaugh
Desiree Rumbaugh:
The Raw Yogi experience
Angela Stokes Monarch
Angela Stokes Monarch:
Extended Juice Detoxing
Mary Jo Cravatta
Mary Jo Cravatta:
Authentic Ayurvedic Detox

Ann O’Brien:
A Vedic approach to detoxing with Intuition, Creativity and Joy