Mini Yogidetox 1

Welcome back.

I have no idea what your history with detox is… or what your current diet or lifestyle are like. I don’t know your goals or intentions… or what brings you here, in particular.

But, I can tell you what always brings me and my family back for a detox every spring and fall. Detoxing presses our reset buttons. Our bodies de-age. Little weird things  – like joint inflammation, skin eruptions, sensitive boobs, whatever… go away. We’re reminded at a level of cellular intelligence what the body really wants… and it’s natural to crave that after.

I was hanging with a friend from college the other night. She said, “Winston (my husband) looks good.” I got that feeling a wife might get being told she’s talking good care of her family. I told her – “It’s because we detox.” It’s sort of embarrassing, but over a decade ago, before marriage  kids and the whole schebang… I gave Winston a choice. I told him he had ama (ayurvedic word for toxic gunk in his body), and I didn’t want a relationship with his ama. I wanted to know him without ama. Was he in?

Lucky for me, lucky for him, he was in. When he experienced how good he could feel – he got hooked. Plus, by then, we were living with the reality and worldview that detoxing was the only natural and smart way to negotiate post-modern life with it’s abundance of really fun, but not always good for you choices.

Enough about us. Print your e-book. Start the Mini Yogidetox. And if you want a deep upgrade, I’ll show you the Yogidetox Inside Out video next time.

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