The next live detox is in October but you can sign up now
to do the detox at your own time.
You can join us. It’s epic.

You want a detox that accelerates your yoga.

The current pace of life is faster than it’s ever been. We need specific skills and habits to feel great. Chances are, if you don’t have these habits you feel less than vibrant. If you’re not leaning into your edge of vibrant health, chances are, you could have more energy and healthier cravings than you currently experience. You might even be able to shift the way you age and enable all of your body parts to last longer and feel better.

Get ready to press the reset button.

Perhaps you:

  • Are curious if you could feel better.
  • Feel like you need more discipline to create better habits.
  • Would like to find and maintain your ideal body weight.
  • Get discouraged by habits you don’t think you can change.
  • Wish you had healthier cravings.
  • Wake up feeling a little pessimistic.
  • Wish you had more time for what you want to do.
  • Know your current habits aren’t working.
  • Deeply desire to make some changes.
  • Long for the day you wake up feeling great, on top of your life, in tune with your body, and at -ease in your positive daily routines.

You think you need enormous willpower and discipline to make deep changes.

You might think you don’t have it in you.

The good new is:

There is an easier way to take up better habits, change your cravings, and live in sync with your body.

Welcome to a fun and nourishing way to detox.

After a decade of teaching detoxes I know that your habits determine your health. The Yogidetox focuses on creating better habits in 3 short weeks. You’ll change what you are eating. You’ll change when go to bed. You’ll change what you watch, what you listen to. You’re going to press the reset button.

Then, after 3 short weeks, a new momentum will be established. You’ll be waking up earlier with great energy. You’ll be craving foods that light up your cells. You’ll be in the flow of better health. It’s really quite simple.

This new integrity is within your reach. And the good news is that you can make lasting changes in your cravings, your habits, your diet, and your energy level in three short weeks.

What can you feel like in three short weeks?

  • You can feel clear, light and uplifted.
  • You can crave that which is nourishing and truly supportive.
  • You can reduce or end allergies and immune issues.
  • You can make the kitchen and living space more vibrant.
  • You can feel so vibrant that you fall madly in love with this life.
  • You can equip yourself with the energy and clarity to deepen your spiritual path and inspire others.
  • You can make better choices in many aspects of your life.
  • You can change the way you age.

I’m going to walk you step by step through an ease-ful and effective detox at home.

I will teach you, in a simply way, how to release that will is holding you back. I guide you through an easy course with a build-in support system to enable you to evolve physically, emotionally and spiritually. I have over a decade experience in helping people breakthrough into vibrant health.

You will feel divine.
Our next live detox is in October, but you can also detox on your own schedule when you sign up. We’ll tailor it to your needs.  Here is a preview of the topics. All live calls are recorded! The schedule of the live calls will be posted in early September.

  • Easing Into Yogidetox Call 

  • Going in Deep Yogidetox Call

  • Gracefully Emerging Yogidetox Call 

  • Post -Yogidetox Party Call 

Join us now or live in the fall. You are going to take charge and optimize your body. You’ll learn how to take the best care of yourself in a way that is easily sustainable. I guarantee your success.

A more alive, awake version of you is only 2 to 3 weeks away. Join us.
You can start now, or sign up to start planning your detox for a month from now. Either way, you’ll have full access to the cutting-edge Yogidetox Course.

– Cate Stillman

founder of the Yogidetox and Yogahealer.com