In 2002, we led our first Yogidetox with 6 members. 20 years later, 5000 yogidetoxers feel better than ever.
Yogidetox is back. Coming this April.


We have had so much fun leading the YOGIDETOX with you all. For 20 years, twice a year. This time we’re giving those who pre-register a few bonuses. You can pre-register for free. And when we open the cart for sign ups… you’ll get a special deal.

Let’s go present + future YOGIDETOXERS!
PRE-SEASON for APRIL 2022 is On!

Are you curious how good you could feel?

As a global community we do a great leap forward in April and October, every year. You’ll hydrate, rest, and rejuvenate. It’s easy. It’s effective. And you’ll learn the detox skill for life.
Join us, and you will guide your body into rhythm. You’ll release what is holding you back. We’ll nurture who you want to become into the now.


Feel Good

Drop a layer of inflammation. Feel light. Clear your head. Wake up light and clear and ready to be you.


Open up Time, Space to Reflect

Detox opens the field of time and space. You’ll have room to breathe in your life.


Look Good

You’ll be amazed at who is under your skin. How great your wardrobe is when you’re deeper in your own skin.


Get Smarter

Detox improves cognition function. You’ll be more focused on your inner vision into action. The less important stuff will drift away.

What’s new for Yogidetox April 2022?

We’re debunking Detox Myths!

There are a lot of beliefs revolving around detox. How it’s only for weight loss, how it’s extreme and impossible and pushes for deprivation, how it’s limiting and how it’s only for when you feel sick. This April 2022, we’re shifting these beliefs to the truth.

We’ve got awesome Early Bird promos – for you, and for your friends too!

Staying true to the spirit of community and thriving together, we’ve got early bird promos for solo detoxers and detoxers coming with friends! You wouldn’t want to miss this.

21 Days of Lasting Transformation – made simple!

Come as you are and come quick! Yogidetox is for everybody. Reboot your life. Detox your cells. Feel better every day.

What’s happening, when’s it gonna happen?


    March 8-15

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    March 16-22

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  • KICK OFF Yogidetox April 2022

    April 6

    Are you ready? Reboot your life, detox your cells, and feel better everyday. The 21 days of lasting transformation starts here.


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Guiding People into Their Power since 2002.

Cate Stillman has led the Yogidetox twice annually since 2002. Her focus right now is teaching people how to go from health issues to feeling good. She will guide you through the habits that reverse chronic systemic inflammation… and get you back on top of life. She is trained in Ayurvedic Medicine, Ayurvedic Detox, Yoga therapy and yoga philisophy and yoga detox therapy, Cate became one of the next generation innovate thoughtleaders escorting Ayurveda into the future through distilling the complex concepts into most simple, elegant, memorable experiences.

Cate is devoted to teaching people the free solutions to health issues. She saves her members thousands of dollars a year through helping them make smarter choices for their bodies. The return on investment is off the hook. Cate will guide you through the most basic detox skills. Her members return, year after year for the community experience. However, they also gain a re-creatable experience to repeat on their own, whenever needed.

Cate dishes out powerful body wisdom. There is nothing else like it.