Hi, I’m Cate Stillman.

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I appreciate you stopping by. I’ll tell you how I discovered the power of the detox.

I was a lucky kid. My parents were athletic. I was expected to excel in sports and get good grades.

In my teens, I was tri-captain of soccer, basketball and track & field. During the summers I worked on wilderness trail crews in the Rockies swinging an axe or slinging a 8 foot misery whip with the Student Conservation Association. I loved being strong and in shape. I still do.

The reason I tell you all this is that I was a “healthy kid” with headaches, intense spring-summer-fall allergies, constipation, and acne. And I knew the Standard American Diet at the dinner table wasn’t doing my body good.

Doctors didn’t know how to make my symptoms go away.

I went on medications. My dad nicknamed me the “pill-popper”. I didn’t know any other way to handle symptoms. At 16, I educated myself. I read Fit for Life. I became a vegetarian. I became sensitive to plants as food and planetary health. I co-founded an eco-activist group, Students Concerned About Tomorrow. We got our whole k-12 multi-district school system recycling within a year. I hear the group is going strong today. We learned about the ecological & health benefits of eating lower on the food chain. I couldn’t figure out why the food that makes people sick slowly was so much easier to get my hands on than food that makes people healthy.

Why haven’t consumers figured out what to consume?

In college, I wanted to study Global Environmental Politics. In the early ’90?s this was too cutting edge. At my brainy, exclusive liberal arts school there were more courses on Shakespeare than on creating solutions for personal and planetary thrive. I was shocked. I joined the Farm Club, which was trying to make farm-to-dining-hall a reality. We failed. I succeeded with a degree in International Relations with a minor in Global Change. I wrote a thesis on the politics & economics of global warming. Back then, we called it climate change. I studied energy politics in China, and returned to the states to work at an international energy conversation non-profit in Washington.

I couldn’t figure out… why do we humans pollute our ecosystems and our bodies?

I left D.C. dismayed and determined to leave pollution issues out of my life’s path in pursuit of helping evolve human motives. I plunged into full study of backcountry snowboarding in the Teton Mountains on the Wyoming/Idaho border, with a minor in yoga and holistic medicine. I discovered Ayurveda within weeks. I was onto some answers.

I discovered how to help humans become more aware and clean up their insides.

I started doing the work on myself… first at the studio in Idaho. Then, I enrolled to become a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist and simultaneously at another school 3 hours by commute, the Iyengar Yoga Teacher’s Training in San Francisco. I learned from teachers and from gurus how energy works in the body… how food works in the body… which daily routines optimize bodily performance… what causes disease. The whole holistic schebang. I lived with my teachers. I worked in the clinic, the herb room, the office and they mentored me.

I learned how to awakens humans to create healthy inner and outer ecosystems.

I worked in a formal detox center – otherwise known as a Pancha Karma Clinic. I went to India to study with Dr. Lad and receive authentic Pancha Karma. I came back and decided to help as many people detox as I can. This was 11 years ago… before detox was hip. I started experimenting on people. I created community cleanses in spring and fall. I developed systems and support tools to help more people have a successful and enjoyable detox. I worked 1-1. I worked with large groups. I got good results, and where I didn’t, I figured out why.

My community yoga cleanses evolved into into the Yogidetox.

The Yogidetox is a culmination of everything I’ve learned in 11 years of teaching a spring and fall detox. Now, hundreds of people join in a detox revolution around the world.

I created a t-shirt to inspire you to evolve personal and planetary health.

Many ask me why I continue to teach the Yogidetox live twice a year. Why not just have it be another one of my online courses? Why you ask? Because I live for the conversation with you. We’re all evolving. The diets of humans are evolving. We are the conversation at the edge of health evolution.

People join the Yogidetox for health evolution.
People join for the community.
People join because it’s fun to feel better.
People join because it works.

Many people come with no experience. Even more come with a handful of detoxes under their belts.

We evolve our energy, our wellness, our families, and our positive change potential… together.

I look forward to engaging with YOU!