Yogidetox FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I start the Yogidetox?

You can start today. Simply sign up, and you’ll receive access into into the Yogidetox Hub. From there, you’ll be advised, step-by-step through the process. You’ll print your Yogidetox Recipe E-Book, you’ll watch some videos, and listen to your first lecture to get started. From there, you’ll be guided, via regular emails, to listen, watch or read the next step of inspiration to deepen your better body collaboration project.

Our next live detox is October but you can sign up now and do the detox at your own time and pace. We will schedule our live calls by early September. Below is a preview of our calls:

  • Easing Into Yogidetox Call
  • Going in Deep Yogidetox Call
  • Gracefully Emerging Yogidetox Call
  • Post -Yogidetox Party Call

Who is the Yogidetox best suited for?

The full range of beginning yoga students through advanced yoga teachers are all welcome. I will lead you deeper into your intuition, your body, and your kitchen. The Autumn Yogidetox has 2 options: Beginners and Advanced. The Beginners course suits those who have never cleansed before. The Advanced is geared to those who have at least one 5+ day detox experience under their belt. Many will have much more than that.

When is the next live online cleanse with you?

We are live in April for the Spring Yogidetox and then in October for the Fall Yogidetox. You can still sign up now and catch up with the group. If you’d like to get a group, let us know, and we’ll send you the recipe cards to share.

Do you supply the recipes?

Yes. There are three recipe packets: pre-cleanse recipes, deep cleanse recipes, and recipes for emerging from the cleanse. These packets offer plenty of options, ideas, and choices. I recommend that you use only a few of the recipes and simplify your food choices during the cleanse. Please experiment and create new recipes using your own combinations of the cleanse foods.

What is in the Yogidetox Kit (optional $45)

Included in the kit is:

  • A stainless steel tongue scraper
  • Fire Starter Herbal Formula (to aid digestion)
  • Downward Flow Herbal Formula (to aid elimination)
  • 3 oz. bottle oil (for you to refill and keep for self-massage)
  • Pukka teas for detox
  • Sinus Lube – Nasya drops for clearing your sinus channels

To watch a video on how to use the kit, click here.

What is in the Yogidetox Booklets? (Welcome Booklet, Recipe Booklet, Choose your Detox Booklet )

All include:

  • Receive a beautiful, colorful booklet to guide your cleanse via email.
  • Full of Cleanse Recipes, juices, elixirs, superfoods, salads, soups, and teas!
  • Guidelines for your Ayurvedic Bodytype
  • Daily Rituals of Cleansing
  • Troubleshooting Guide
  • Self-Care Guides





Your costs will vary depending on what you want to eat, how much you eat vs. juice fast. Juice fasting you will consume more vegetables than making raw smoothies or raw soups. On average, people save money on food during cleansing than their regular diet, in particular if you prepare your food/beverages yourself each day.

Other costs vary depending on what you already have and how you want to experiment. You will not be pressured into purchasing herbs or supplements, but you will be informed of options for particular imbalances. In the long run, knowing about these therapies is cost effective.

Optional costs include:

  • Yogidetox kit, with herbs, tongue scraper, small body oil, sinus lube: $45
  • Organic oil for self-massage : average $10/pound
  • Enema bag $16 (local drugstore can order one for you)
  • Tongue scraper $4-8
  • Optional herbs/ supplements, enema liquids: $5-$100

My husband wants to cleanse too. Can the two of us cleanse together for the price of one person?

Yes! Anyone in your immediate family is invited to all of the course materials. Purchase an extra detox kit.

Will I need to spend a lot of money on supplements?

Supplements are optional. I make a Yogidetox kit that has what you need for $45.

Do I need to take a lot of supplements and buy the Yogidetox kit?

No. Simply using water, fruits, and vegetables will create a fantastically effective cleanse. Spices are often helpful to go deeper or to help clear away any detoxifying effects of the cleanse. For example, herbs of purification such as triphala or manjishta assist in downward flow. The Firestarter blend is excellent for increasing digestive fire if the body produces excess mucous in the detoxifying process. Certain herbs and spices allow the process of detoxification to happen with greater ease and grace.

Will the foods during the cleanse cost a lot of money?

Most people save money during the cleanse, because the cost of whole foods is generally less than that of pre-packaged foods. Those choosing the juice fast may spend considerably more, due to the large quantities of fresh vegetables required. You can get everything locally, with an option to mail order some herbs for me. I also encourage harvesting wild foods including unsprayed dandelion greens. I generally consume free local greens when I cleanse.

Do I need a juicer to participate?

You don’t need a juicer, but juicing is a great option. Try borrowing a juicer from a friend, and see if you like it. Juicers I recommend for purchase are the Breville Juice fountain ($100-200) or the Omega juicers ($300+).

I use a blender more than a juicer when I detox. I like the Vitamix.

Do I need any special computer skills or software to download the classes?

You need to be able to press the play button on a website, or use a telephone to listen live on the calls. You have the option of downloading an mp3 file to your smart phone and printing the e-books. We have technology instructions for those unfamiliar with downloads. If you don’t have a computer or a phone you can’t do this cleanse.

What phone service do you recommend for the teleconference calls?

Having a free Google Talk account or purchasing skype credit online is a budget option for those needing more minutes. Everything is accessible for download the day after the call on our forum.





What’s Involved

What foods does the cleanse focus on or eliminate?

The Yogidetox focuses on adding in nutrients, enzymes and prana through green vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds primarily. Your intuition will become awakened through the course focus steering you towards these foods in the right quantity and diversity for your constitution.

The Yogidetox is unique to each member, depending on your experience and your goals. The course awakens the part of yourself that knows better (smart self or higher self). You naturally end up eliminating that which is no longer serving you or keeping you stuck in old patterns. Frequently, connections are made between mental patterns, emotional patterns and cravings.

The Yogidetox attunes you to seasonal eating so as you emerge, you crave that which is seasonal, local, and good for your constitution. You peel the layers (physical, mental, emotional) away and awaken to more vitality on all levels. The desire to keep your body clear and open is natural.


What is on the Menu

What will I eat?
It depends. The Yogidetox is not only about food, it’s much more about awakening your intuition to evolve your food body. For someone who is currently eating processed foods, the Yogidetox will be a transition from processed foods (foods in boxes, cartons, frozen, or canned) to meals including whole foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, sprouts and whole cooked grains.

For those who regularly eat a whole foods diet, the cleanse might incorporate more living foods. Living foods are not heated above 115 degrees, the temperature at which enzymes die. An example of a living foods daily menu might include a green smoothie for breakfast, a salad at lunch, and a raw soup for dinner. A living foods diet incorporates leafy greens or straight chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is what makes leafy greens green and provides healthy oxygenation and detoxification.

The Yogidetox for those already eating a living foods diet would include a juice fast for 7-14 days. Juice fasts help bodies to refine and adjust to the next season. For example, transitioning from fall into winter.

Many of us incorporate a mix of foods in our diets and so the cleanse will reflect that. For all of us, the cleanse is a time to refine or refresh our kitchens, our kitchen practices or sadhana, and our routines around our food body.

What else is the cleanse about if it’s not just about food?

In addition to mindful and intuitive eating, the cleanse involves taking retreat in your home and in your daily life. Many people wish they could stop working or have fewer of their normal responsibilities during the cleanse. The Yogidetox views our daily lives and work lives as gifts. Learning to retreat within the busy-ness of life and the change of seasons will instill a life-changing upgrade for the season to come and your entire lifetime! This is achieved through incorporating daily self-care techniques that detoxify the body and nourish and nurture the soul. These skills will last and enhance for a lifetime.

Is this a raw foods cleanse?

Yes and No. If your intuition is leading your body into a raw foods cleanse, then your cleanse foods will be a mix of vegetable juices, green smoothies, green juices, raw salads, fruits, and sprouts. Pre-cleanse and post-cleanse weeks may also include some nuts and seeds, particularly chia and flax seeds. Other options include a traditional Ayurvedic kitchari (rice and mung bean stew) cleanse with additional recipes for cooked foods during the pre- and post-cleanse weeks.

What can I expect to eat on the typical day?

The cleanse is different for each person. Some will do a mix of juicing and fasting. Others will eat a simple whole foods diet of green, root, and shoot salads, nori wraps, smoothies, and teas.

Is it difficult to cleanse?

Yes and No. Each person is completing an individualized cleanse. There is no right or wrong way to do this cleanse. I encourage you to follow your intuition and point your awareness into self-care and nourishing practices that will enhance and support the food aspect of the cleanse. Your natural desire to choose the right foods and recipes will develop as you enter the cleanse. Also, rely on the support of weekly calls, the online forum, and assistance from myself and the Yogidetox mentors. The main purpose of this cleanse is to simply awaken your intuition regarding self-care, food, and daily routines so that you can raise the consciousness of the cells of your body to the next level of your potential.

Is everyone doing the same cleanse?

No, see above.

Why do we cleanse in fall? I heard we only cleanse in spring.

During the summer, the long, bright and sunny days create a build-up of heat in the blood and muscle tissue of our bodies. The fall is a natural time for this heat to leave the body. The seasonally ripe food that enables this heat detoxification is the apple. In times of yore people would literally eat handfuls of apples a day when their fruit trees ripened. Apples are high in pectin, a fiber, and have a laxative quality. Apples are also astringent, which is a cooling taste. All of these qualities combine to create the perfect, local, ripe, and harvestable food that naturally purges the accumulated heat of summer from our bodies. Just as the spring provides extraordinary amounts of leafy green foods and summer creates sweet vegetables and juicy fruits, the crops of fall bring us cooling and grounding foods. This obvious abundance is nature’s gift (and clue!) as to which foods will best serve our bodies each season and create health for the seasons to come. During the fall cleanse, we simply eat what is in season and in abundance. This creates a harmonious transition between seasons and brings our bodies into nature’s rhythm so that we can easily and naturally let go of excess summer heat.

The light of the sun that creates so much joy during the summer can become toxic or inflammatory if not properly released in the fall. It increases the likelihood of infections and viruses in the wintertime. Fall detox prevents winter colds and flus! It also prepares us for healthier holiday seasons by awakening our natural intuition around food. Post-cleanse bodies crave seasonal, local foods. Many people from previous cleanses report that they continue to feel the energy of the cleanse through the holidays, reducing cravings for and tolerance of non-nutrient calories, processed foods, and many of the traditional holiday snacks and foods. Your newly enlivened food intuition will naturally steer you toward healthy and healthful foods during the holidays. Check my website for great, colorful holiday recipes as we near the celebrations!









I did the cleanse in the spring, is the fall detox the same?

No. As I grow and change and learn, the cleanse courses become more involved and intricate. The current course contains a great amount of Shakti and energy. If you aren’t able or don’t want to invest in the fall detox, I recommend that you listen to the recordings of your previous detox. Each class holds a supportive, energetic field that can be accessed through the recorded materials at any time. Reconnecting to the recordings from your previous cleanse will activate this energy and you will naturally feel nurtured and supported.

I’m in the southern hemisphere, and I want to cleanse with you. Can I do your spring cleanse, while you’re teaching the fall cleanse?
Yes. I’ll give you access to the Spring Yogidetox and you’ll be able to detox with the group. I’m building a planetary awareness around detoxing, and we can all tap into the energy of doing this together at the same time, around the globe.

Can I detox in the winter?

During the winter, a deep detox can be more difficult. However, no matter when you’re ready to turn over a new leaf, your body is ready for you to have better habits. Doing the Yogidetox as a winter rejuvenation program is a great way to stop carrying around extra weight, to avoid spring allergies, to simplify your life, or clean up your routines. The answer is yes, the Yogidetox is suitable for Winter.

How long is the YogiDetox?

The Yogidetox attracts cleansers of all levels. After listening to the Pre-Cleanse Workshop you will start to prepare your kitchen and begin making different choices. Many people become inspired to start cleansing a few days later. I encourage people to weak from caffeine and alcohol during the pre-cleanse week (I’ll give you tips for this in the Pre-Cleanse call). This increases the potency as a group.

Then, you we have daily detox yoga to support the depth of the cleanse. After the Graceful Exits Yogidetox Workshop you will be guided to either maintain your cleanse (if your body is releasing toxins) or to expand your food choices in alignment with your deeper nutrient needs.

Beginners will do a pre-cleanse for a few days, eliminating addictive substances, then cleanse for about 5 days, and have a few days to emerge. More advanced cleansers may cleanse for all 3 weeks. Any amount of time in between is also an option. I will encourage you to deepen your ability to sense what your body needs. The gift of the detox isn’t just the experience itself, but your desire to choose better nutrients emerging from the cleanse.

Will I be in a deep cleanse for the full three weeks?

Experienced cleansers can use the deep cleanse protocol for the full three weeks. After listening to the pre-cleanse call, most people will ease into the cleanse by eliminating certain foods and activities from their diets and lifestyles during the first week. This prepares your body and intuition for the second week of moving deeper into the cleanse. If you don’t have an intuitive sense for what is optimal during the second week, you can post questions on the forum and read others questions and comments for guidance. The third week is a week of emergence and integration of what you have learned into your daily life. The deepest portion of the cleanse can last 5 days or up to 14-21 days. This is all very specific to each individual.

The dates don’t work for me. Can I still sign up?

Yes. With busy lifestyles, it can be difficult to participate in the cleanse on the dates that it is offered live. For your convenience, all discussions and lectures are recorded and available online. Regardless of when you start your cleanse, I recommend that you plug into the live calls as much as possible to merge with the momentum of the group. This encourages everyone to achieve his or her greatest potential. Begin the pre-cleanse process by printing and experimenting with the recipe packets so that when the cleanse begins you are familiar with the foods and ingredients beforehand.

Are all members of the Yogidetox doing the same cleanse?

There are an array of options and plant-based recipes available with your Pre-Cleanse Packet. During the pre-cleanse call we will go through a few options and you will discover what you are drawn towards at this time. Members can discuss what they are choosing on the forum.

You will be drawn into understanding your personal metabolic type or Ayurvedic Constitution. From experimenting with your constitution you will be encouraged to notice which plant foods are the best for you. Often through the process of experimentation within the parameters of metabolic philosophy we grow to understand our organism’s unique needs. Each cleanser is guided based on metabolic types, and the recipes are key coded for this.

Are you (Cate) available for personal consultations during the cleanse?

No – but I can refer you to a practitioner if you are interested.

Cate, are you available online if I have a question during the cleanse?

The most appropriate times to ask questions are during the workshops and Q&A online or teleconference calls. You can also post questions on the forum. Every question will be answered by myself or by the Yogidetox mentors. I highly recommend the forum for your questions as many people have similar experiences and questions during the cleanse. Joining the forum also creates an interest and support system for everyone. You will notice a sense of being a part of a larger occurrence as well as being able to share moments of ecstasy and difficulty with other participants.

Is yoga part of the cleanse?

Yes. You get access to the Yogidetox video and audio library, complete with practices for your detox. You can select your level and length of time. Both yoga students and teachers enjoy the classes as you will learn so much about yoga and detox.

Will this cleanse help my meditation practice?


I will lead a guided meditation on each call. Participants are also strongly encouraged to meditate first thing in the morning or just before bed for at least 5-10 minutes, depending on your routine. Meditation assists in drawing energy inward as well as creating a time of assimilation.

Cleansing takes great energy, it engages Shakti. Inward focus is critical during cleansing in order to give the body time to understand and adjust to changes. When our energy is constantly extroverted, we feel irritable, frustrated, grumpy, bitchy, etc. Creating even just a few minutes a day for self-care and meditation acts like a reset button, allowing the cleansing effects of the day to sink deeper into the cells. It introverts our awareness and awakens a new depth of detoxification, integration, and healing. Meditation can also calm the fears, anxieties, and worries around food cravings, changes in daily routines, and expectations for the future.

Can I work during the cleanse?

In a perfect world, we would all go away on retreat to deeply cleanse and release all responsibility. In tailoring the cleanse I assume most of us will keep working, and some of us have children or parents that come first. I give you timesaving tips to maximize your alone time. While it is common to experience dips and high points during the cleanse, the end result is an increase in energy.

Can I continue my regular exercise program during the cleanse?

Some people have more energy and exercise more than normal during the cleanse. This is typical of Kapha bodytypes. Vata types generally find they are drawn to more nourishing activities like walking and yoga. Pittas may go either way, though in general their drive keeps them quite active.

I generally find that cleansing initiates a more reflective quality of the mind and the desire to train hard is replaced by a desire to simply be. Most people who have a race after a cleanse find themselves strong and ready despite having trained less during the cleanse. This would be due to having less ama in their body and mind, and being more in the zone and more deeply nourished for the task at hand.

I am an athlete; can I continue my workout regime and keep preparing for my race?

Yes. I do not recommend having a competition during the cleanse because one of the purposes of cleansing is to move energy internally rather than externally. However, normal physical activity can be a part of the cleanse and a lightened training schedule is also appropriate. Many people who have cleansed with living foods, green foods, and high pranic foods experience an efficiency of performance. The body is able to eliminate toxins and increase nutrient absorption and energy production during the cleanse. This creates overall increased efficiency in all activities. These same benefits will apply to post-cleanse competitions.

Will I need to stay near the bathroom all day?

In general, I teach cleansing as a longer term process of releasing old patterns. Some students may be advised to use laxative and even purgative herbs during certain phases of the cleanse. Purgative herbs are what people are referring to when they inquire about needing to stay near a toilet all day. For those who don’t have that luxury and are desire to purge once during the cleanse, I’ll have you do it in the evening. You may wake up once or twice throughout the night to go to the bathroom, and have less energy the following day. For this reason you can schedule a purge on your day off. For those who desire to do enemas, you can set aside an hour to do an at-home enema session. Morning or early evening is best.

Do people feel sick during the detox?

It depends on the degree of toxicity combined with the depth of the cleanse. If a healing crisis or cleanse response occurs, I will skillfully guide you through. Pulling slightly out of the cleanse quickly lessens the detox response; however, in general, working through difficulties can clear a deeper level of toxicity.

Will the cleanse help to lower cholesterol levels?

I’ve had few clients test their cholesterol before and after the cleanse with excellent results.

I take medication regularly can I still cleanse and what should I do about taking my medicine?


Although you need to stay on your medication unless your doctor gives you permission otherwise. You might find there is much power in taking a very proactive approach and perhaps even life-changing approach to your health, while maintaining your medication and cleansing.

I smoke. Want to quit. Tried before several times, but depression hits — gave up after 6 weeks. Detox might help, but I’m terrified. Any feedback? 

Yes, Detox will help. In the guest speakers in the Yogidetox is an interview with Kevin Reese, of eatthesunshine.com. Kevin tells his story from being an obese, sugar-addicted smoker to giving up his outdated habits. This is a common story with detoxing. When your cells are detoxed, they are happy, and they emit cravings for that which is healthy. Unhealthy cells crave unhealthy substances. The detox is an opportunity to let go of outdated patterns.

For smokers looking to detox, instead of just trying to quit, and putting a lot of strain on your system, I’ll invite you to simply start adding in better self-care habits. This way the outdated habits will dissipate on their own, without provoking a war. I’d also suggest signing up for the Lean + Clean package for 1-1 support, catered to you.

You are on the right track. The key is in learning the self-care of detox, which I teach in the Yogidetox.

Will I lose weight during the cleanse?

If your bodyweight is excessive you have a great opportunity to drop it during the Yogidetox. Members in the past have lost between 6-20 lbs. which mostly reflects the amount their bodies desired to drop. Those who are underweight will be encouraged to add healthy fats to their daily nutrient intake.





What are some of the other benefits members typically experience?

What I hear the most is, Everything gets better! This is due to the systemic nature of toxins (ama) that creates dis-ease, low energy, and innerbody confusion/stress. The anti-inflammatory nature of the Yogidetox coupled with the lymphatic cleansing clears out joint pain and mucus. For those who cleanse 10-15 days your skin and eyes will tend to clear and glow.

What are the long-term benefits?

Many! Increased energy, better sleep, stress reduction, lifelong self-care practices, and more! The most common feedback I receive from past Yogidetox clients is a higher level of understanding of how to take care of and heal their own bodies in ways they can share with their families and loved ones. These are skills that they will use for the rest of their lives. These fundamental practices are part of the traditional Ayurvedic routine or dinacharya. We take time during the cleanse to learn these practices and they simply become a part of daily life.

Prenatal/Postpartum/Breast Feeding Moms

I am craving a cleanse but am still nursing my little guy. He is 20+ months so not his primary food at all, but still a major nurser.I have heard no cleansing as toxins can end up in breast milk….what is your philosophy on this?

Your lymph is mostly purified if you’ve been nursing for 20 months. Continuing to add amazing nutrients and nourish yourself more intensively through a cleanse can only be a good thing. I’ve had dozens of nursers cleanse, from fairly early postpartum to your stage with amazing results, and not a single backlash.

Our medical culture in general doesn’t really get living foods cleansing. They only associate cleansing with strong herbal formulas. I’m not into those either, but the medical community (holistic and allopathic) should know enough about nutrients to differentiate! Even first trimester postpartum nursers can do my kind of “cleanse”. This is because I build in: self-care, bodytyping, &  living foods.

I’m 13 weeks pregnant, and I want to be certain the kitcheri cleanse would be safe to do. I’m thinking of it more as a “rejuvenation.” Is the cleanse safe to do while pregnant, but more specifically I am thinking about the ghee purge that I did last spring. I’m concerned about creating such a big downward flow while pregnant, it feels risky. Is the ghee purge safe to do, and/or if I don’t do it can I still benefit from doing the kitcheri cleanse?

This type of detox is a perfect rejuvenation, and even a good prep for the postpartum life. Three weeks of refined baby building is great, but ABSOLUTELY no purging while pregnant!


I don’t live near you. How do students feel connected with you in an online course?

I’m very skillful in building a field of energy around my courses than transcends the space between us. If you are active in the course, you will feel the connection and transmission and it will bolster your connection in your body to a new level. You’ll also feel like you know me, because you will 🙂

I have at least 3 people interested in doing it as a group. What would the next step be? What’s involved in this, and how is it different than doing it individually?

Click this link. The difference in being a kula cleanse leader is you get a little additional support for helping organize others. You aren’t in charge of guiding their cleanses, but you serve as an inspiration to organize your community into a lifestyle supported by conscious alignment to Nature.

I‘ve had multiple abdominal surgeries – I really can’t handle bulk fiber (scarring and adhesions – obstructions and have to go to hospital – it’s very dangerous). Everytime I’ve tried a cleanse, I am good for a few days then I start getting blocked. They have usually involved high fiber mixes. Do you think  your approach would work for me? Could I modify it?

I don’t use bulk fibers so you should be all right. I teach cleansing through using plant foods primarily. I think you’ll be fine. You can make smoothies or juices with beet greens, beets and cucumber for a laxative effect need be. This is the kind of info that is in the cleanse.

FAQs that arise during a cleanse:

I’m hungry and crabby. What should I do?

Time for an enema and a bath. You have toxins circulating through your blood because your colon is backed up.

I’ve had no caffeine and very little food, yet I feel energized. How can that be?

Your organism is beginning to optimize. In Ayurvedic and yoga philsophy the understanding is that the subtle energy body is primary to the physical body. As the physical body optimizes, the subtle body energy is free to flow through the physical. To take it a step further into the metaphysical, the subtle body is fed by universal energy or the causal body. When the subtle body is optimized, the organism has access to pure universal energy. This is the path of calorie restriction which leads to a longer life span. If you want more scientific evidence, see Dr. Gabriel Cousens book: Conscious Eating.

Will I have to quit coffee?

Yes! (laughter) And don’t let that deter you. For a period of time during the cleanse, you will experience natural energy in addition to resting and rejuvenating your adrenal glands and our kidneys. Cleansing often reduces or completely removes the craving for caffeine. Cleansing almost always creates a new respect for the body’s ability to create it’s own natural energy without any side effects or reliance on a stimulant. It is rare for a person to return to normal consumption of caffeine after cleansing.

I am doing the juice fast, but I feel light-headed and weak. What should I do?

First, if you are committed to a deeper cleanse, see where you can rest and receive. Begin to cultivate an interested receptivity to whatever arises for your deeper purpose. Second, do more self-care practices: self-massage, baths, enemas, and most of all, meditation.

Kitchari is making me feel heavy and dense. Should I switch to a different cleanse?

First, reduce your quantity of food, and increase your quantity of hot water. Then, evaluate: does your body want kitchari or does fresh vegetable juice or raw warm vegetable soup sound more appealing?

FAQs that arise after a cleanse:

Cate, I feel so great I want to keep eating this way. Is there anything wrong with that? Now that your body is clear and awakened to what is nutrifying, your cravings are intelligent. Congratulations. Keep it up.

Heavier foods are causing me to bloat. What should I do?

Eat lighter foods. When you overeat, or don’t combine food well, use your agni enhancer or simply drink strong ginger and black pepper tea. You can also have this tea before a meal to fire up your digestion.

Can I continue to cleanse?

Yes! Often our bodies need to cleanse longer and deeper than our self-discipline allows. If your motivation is strong, continue to embrace your evolving edge using all of the tools from our course. Relistening to the audios from the Yogidetox will provide additional motivation!


What makes the Yogidetox stand apart?

  • the ONLY Living Foods Ayurveda Detox Online!
  • The mix of Ayurveda, Living Foods, Anusara Yoga, and an evolving health potential philosophy.
  • 5 Anusara Yoga sessions (live stream and recorded for your convenience) which integrate the best of Ayurvedic Teachings as themes in Anusara Yoga classes. All levels… beginner’s welcome.
  • Guidance for your kitchen, harvesting wild foods, growing your own foods, sprouting, and changing the way you and your family eat.
  • A tight-knit online community of friendly cleansers and Yogidetox Mentors to brainstorm solutions, trade advice and experience. No matter what’s got you stuck, the community and I to help you move beyond old patterns.

You have access to an online forum to ask the Yogidetox Mentors a question at any time and connect to other cleansers.


I have some short videos for you to learn more about the Yogidetox:


What is the Yogidetox Video



Your Blank Slate Video



Yogidetox Weightloss Interview