Mini Yogidetox 2

Welcome back. 

So, last off I was telling you about my husband looking hot because he detoxes with me in the spring and fall.

And you might be thinking… “Cate, I’m deeper than that. I’m not going to detox just to look good. I’m doing it to see how good I can feel.”

That’s fine with me. But it’s sort of the same thing. When you feel good – you look good. When you
look good – and I mean vibrantly alive and at-ease in your own skin – you feel good. Inside-out, outside-in.

And speaking of ins and outs- I want to give you the Inside Out view of the real deal Yogidetox Course I offer live twice a year, and online the rest of the year. It’s awesome. It works. You’ll feel good and look good from the inside out.

Enough about us. I want to give you a glimpse of what happens when you join the Live Yogidetox. This is the orientation video.

[sc:yogidetox2013 ]