Detox for Weight Loss

Detox for Weight Loss

When we store weight, we store waste. And waste isn’t just waste… it’s toxic waste.

Ayurveda explains how this waste being stored in the tissues (dhatus) of the body affect the quality of tissue (quality of your lymph, your blood, your muscle, your fat… and on down the line). When we store waste we create a weakness of cellular integrity. When our cells lose integrity it creates confusion. Confused cells create poor health.

My friend, Angela Stokes Monarch told me a story about 2 fat cells. One fat cell was in a body that the person ate too much food, and and at irregular times (most calories in the evening). This fat cell looked like a big yoga ball.

Your fat cells and detox

The other fat cell was in a body where the person ate just enough food to thrive, ate most of the calories in the day (for energy, not storage), and didn’t eat past 6 pm. This fat cell looked like a ping pong ball.

The difference in the size of the cells is the accumulation of stored waste. In Ayurveda, we call this waste ama. Ama is the byproduct of improperly digested and eliminated food. Ama is more than waste… it’s a toxin. This is why you feel so much worse when you’re not at your optimal weight.

During a detox, you turn over your fat cells. Instead of metabolizing on a superficial level, you metabolize your fat cells. When you metabolize your fat cells, your fat cells go from being huge, bloated and confused… to compact, intelligent and vibrant!

Listen to Sara to experience her weight loss experience with the Yogidetox.

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